Peat Force

By Fernanda Olivares and Isabel Torres

We are the Peat Force,
We are the bodies that lovingly step on the peatlands in Tierra del Fuego and now travel with conviction to gossip about interspecies care and romances. Our mission within Turba Tol Hol-Hol Tol is to narrate a story of ecological intimacies.
We are holistic wardens; like the wind, we push forward insinuations from the ancestral to the natural. In the name of peat, we will be a multilingual ritual to convene subterranean, damp, and sensitive sensations.

Valle de la Paciencia ©Benjamín Echazarreta

If you visited the pavilion, we’d like it if you wrote to tell us:

What did you think/feel?
What imaginary journey did you go on?
What memories came to you?
What peatlands from the past or the future do you know?

If you’re reading us and your approach is virtual:

What peatlands from the past or the future do you know?
How do you take care of them?
How do you take care of yourself?

Write to us here

Your answers and reflections will help us on our mission and in the growth of a peat keeper movement that has already started and that you can become part of.